Summer Meal Plans

  • The UAlbany ID Card gives a student (or faculty/staff) access to residential housing, academic buildings and campus funds (i.e., meal plan, Podium etc.). The UAlbany Card functions as if it is a 'house' key and credit card – combined.  It should be carried at all times and kept safe/secure. 
  • A UAlbany ID is REQUIRED for all campus funds transactions.  A student (or faculty/staff) will not be allowed to use a meal plan or other campus funds without presenting a valid UAlbany ID Card to the cashier. 
  • A UAlbany ID Card may only be used by the person identified in the photo.  It is every card holder’s responsibility to report a lost or stolen ID Card.  Refunds are not provided for money or meals fraudulently spent on a UAlbany ID Card. To deactivate a card, go to UAlbany ID Card services online. 
  • It is a crime to use someone else’s ID Card.  Cards being used fraudulently will be confiscated and destroyed.  Penalties can include card replacement costs, campus conduct referral, fines and arrest.
New Students  (freshmen and transfer students) 
    • Any new incoming students should be signing up for an orientation session. Complete orientation session instructions is available at  
    • All new students must upload a photo at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to arriving on Campus 
    • New students must pay the admissions deposit and setup their MyUAlbany account before uploading a photo for the ID Card. For more information go to:  
    • The photo upload process requires students to login with their NetID and password. It MUST be done by a student.  Program directors and coaches cannot complete this process on behalf of a student.  
    • Steps to Obtain your ID Card:  
        1. Login to  MyUAlbany   using your NetID and password 
        2. Select the “Campus Life” tab 
        3. Select “ID Card Online Services,” on the left, under ID Card Services (You will be brought to the ID Card website) 
        4. Login again if needed
        5. Select "Submit ID photo" on the left if using a computer or click on the "ID Photo" icon from the menu if on a mobile device  
        6. Follow instructions to upload a current photo for production. 
            • The first UAlbany ID Card is received at no charge upon arrival at orientation and after presenting an original form of photo identification (e.g. driver’s license or passport). 

Returning Students/Faculty/Staff  
    • All students and employees at UAlbany are required to have a UAlbany ID Card 
    • Lost or damaged ID Cards must be replaced immediately: 
        1. If a card is lost or stolen, it should be immediately deactivated at UAlbany ID Card Services online.
        2. The ID Card Office in Campus Center B-52 is open between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday during the summer to obtain new and replacement cards 
        3. The fee to replace a lost, stolen or visibly damaged ID Card is $20; this can be charged to your student account or paid with cash/credit card   
        4. There is no charge for a first card or a card that has stopped working due to normal wear and tear 
        5. Temporary cards are available in quad offices and UPD when the ID Card Office is closed.

Students Living in Campus Apartments or Off Campus Housing - Meal Plan Optional

  • The Summer Munch Money Meal Plan is OPTIONAL for students living in Campus Apartments or off campus housing unless a student is enrolled in a program or on a team that includes a specific meal plan, in which case, the head of the program or team will enroll these students in the plan that has been specifically designed for them. If you are unsure about any summer meal plan requirements associated with your program or team, please contact your department head or coach. 
  • Please note: Students living in Quad housing must be on a meal plan; please contact your department or the ID Card Office for additional information.  
Summer Munch Money:

    • Any summer student registered for summer classes may add Summer Munch Money to their ID Card and have the cost charged to their student account.    
        o Minimum deposit $25

How to Add Summer Munch Money to your card:

  • Charge Summer Munch Money to your student account (tuition bill):
    • Login to the UAlbany ID Card website
    • Click "Add Summer Munch Money" from the menu
    • Fill out the form and hit submit
    • Funds will be added to your card immediately so you can eat right away! The charge will show on your bill within a business day or two.
  • Deposit with a credit or debit card:
    • Login to GET ID Card Online Services
    • Click "Add Funds" from the screen or menu
    • Fill out the form and select "Continue"
    • Read the Terms and Agreement and hit submit
    • Funds will be added to your card immediately so you can eat right away!
  • Pay in office:
    • Visit the ID Card Office in Campus Center B52 during our business hours.
    • Fill out the deposit form and pay with cash, credit, check or charge to your student account (tuition bill).
    • Funds will be added to your card immediately so you can eat right away!

  • Summer Munch Money is non-refundable, even if a student arrives late or withdraws sooner than expected.
  • Any unspent balance associated with the Summer Munch Money will be "rolled over" as regular Munch Money into the fall semester and be available until end of a student's enrollment at the University or spring commencement, whichever comes first. 
  • If a student does not enroll in the fall, unspent balances will be forfeit. 
  • Additional meal plan details available online at
Scholarships and grants sometimes include requirements for summer meal plans. The programs and teams for which this applies are required to supply membership roster submitted by the program director/coach to the ID Card Office ( at least two weeks in advance of the program start date. Please indicate the following: 
    1. Program description and primary contact 
    2. Meal plan start and end dates 
    3. Meal plan description 
    4. Full student names and ID numbers 
This roster will be used to override any alternative selection made by a student and the appropriate meal plan will be charged to a student’s account.  The department submitting this list will be responsible for all charges applied in this manner.  If the list changes, it is the department’s responsibility to notify ID Card by 12pm on the Friday prior to any meal plan start week so that any charges can be removed from students’ accounts.  Once a meal plan week ends, refunds will not be issued for that week.