Munch Money

Munch Money is optional and does NOT come with a meal plan. Munch Money purchases are not subject to NYS sales tax. You can add Munch Money to purchase tax-free food/beverages at any campus dining location, 518 Market and vending machines. 
If you are on a meal plan, it is recommended that you use your Discount Dollars at the venues that allocate a discount for meal plan holders (60% off in resident dining rooms, 50% Sodexo/in-house brands, 30% off at national and local brands) and use Munch Money (or Podium dollars) in vending machines and 518 Market (store portion) since no discounts are offered at those locations. 
  • A minimum of $25 is necessary to start a Munch Money account. 
  • Munch Money can be added online at or on the CBORD Mobile ID App.
  • Go to the UAS website to learn the differences between Munch Money, Podium and Campus Gold
  • New deposits made within the academic year will be added to your existing balance. 
  • Balances cannot be transferred to other people or accounts (e.g., Podium).
  • You are financially responsible for any fraudulent use of your Munch Money account, so please keep your ID Card secure. If your ID Card is lost or stolen, immediately deactivate via Once disabled, the account cannot be used for purchases. You need to go to the UAlbany ID Card office to be issued a new card (Campus Center B-52). If you happen to find your card before you are issued a new one, you can reactivate it online via
  • Please email the ID Card Office or call 518-442-5989 if you have any questions. 
  • Click here for Meal Plan Refund and Change Policy information.