Faculty & Staff Dining Plan

Your F/S Dining Plan comes with great discounts!

If you sign up or replenish funds on your Faculty/Staff Dining Plan by Friday, 9/15/23, you will receive bonus money! 

BONUS MONEY through Friday, September 15th!

5% bonus for depositing $50- $249 

10% bonus for depositing $250 or more

With your F/S Dining Plan you will:

Enjoy a 10% discount on purchases at the following locations:


Dining Funds Never Expire! (while employed at UAlbany)

The minimum purchase price is $50. Sign up or add to your plan balance on the CBORD Mobile ID App or online.

Faculty & Staff Dining Plan Inactivity & Refund Policy

  • Bonus funds are added no later than three (3) business days after the end of any promotional period.
  • The F/S Dining Plan can only be used at on campus dining venues, and are subject to sales tax where applicable.
  • You will receive a 10% discount on purchases at select retail dining. 
  • You are responsible for keeping your ID Card secure. You are financially responsible for any fraudulent use of your F/S Dining Plan account. If your ID Card is lost or stolen, immediately deactivate your ID Card online. Once disabled, the account cannot be used for purchases until reactivated either by going to the ID Card Office or online. Please contact the ID Card Office at idcard@albany.edu or 518-442-5989 if you have any questions.
  • F/S Dining Plans NEVER expire while employed at UAlbany.  Please see link above for full refund and activity policy.
  • Your Faculty & Staff Dining Plan can be used in vending. With a Faculty & Staff Dining Plan you can make purchases in UAlbany vending machines across campus.