Discount Dollars Usage Guide

Use your meal plan budget guide to stay on track with managing your Discount Dollars.

Use the guide to compare your spending habits on a week-by-week basis with the money available on your chosen meal plan. This should help you assess whether you will run out of money, have too much money or just enough before the end of the semester!

Keep in mind that each student has different eating habits, and where you choose to eat daily has a great impact on how much Discount Dollars you will spend. Hence, the number of Discount Dollars you will need may differ from the average number calculated on the budget guide. The guide is calculated using the start of the semester until the last day of finals.

Up to $500 more in Discount Dollars can be purchased at any time during the semester if on a myFlex or myUnlimited Meal Plan. Note that no additional base cost is deducted for additional Discount Dollars.

Go to MyUAlbany  /  Campus Life tab to sign up for a meal plan or go to or CBORD Mobile ID App to add more Discount Dollars or any other campus tender (e.g., Munch Money, Podium).