Plan Options

Selecting A Meal Plan

The 2018-2019 meal plans are designed to provide maximum flexibility, value and convenience. These meal plans include declining balance funds called Discount Dollars that activate deep discounts in resident dining rooms (i.e., all-you-care-to-eat) and at retail dining venues.

Fall Meal Plans take effect on August 23, 2018 at 4 pm.

The Summer Munch Money Plan is OPTIONAL unless a student is enrolled in a program or on a team that includes a specific dining component, in which case, the head of the program or team will enroll these students in a plan that has been specifically designed for the program. If you are unsure about any summer meal plan requirements associated with your program or team, please contact your department head or coach.

Click here for more information on the Summer Munch Money Meal Plan and how to sign up!

For all Resident, University Apartment & Commuter Students

The myUnlimited Meal Plan gives you the opportunity to have unlimited meals (i.e., swipe in as much as you want during the hours operation) at the all-you-care-to-eat dining halls (Indian, State, and Alumni), and also provides the flexibility to eat at retail locations at deep discounts with Discount Dollars. 

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For all Resident Non-Freshman, University Apartment & Commuter Students.

The myFlex Meal Plan, with five (5) options and the ability to add more to your plan as you go, was designed so you have the freedom to eat when you want and where you want, with no restrictions. It’s the ultimate lifestyle meal plan because the myFlex plan has NO FIXED MEAL SWIPES at resident dining rooms! You can choose--100% of the time--where YOU want to dine. It also includes Discount Dollars.

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For University Apartment & Commuter Students.

The myChoice Meal Plan offers University apartment and commuter --who are not required to have a meal plan--the opportunity to explore and experience the benefits, variety and convenience of dining on campus with an abridged version of the myFlex Meal Plan.  The myChoice plan has NO FIXED SWIPES at resident dining rooms! You can choose--100% of the time--where YOU want to dine; however, unlike the myFlex plan, the myChoice plan does not allow additional Discount Dollars to be added and only one myChoice Plan can be purchased per semester. 

Click here for more information about Discount Dollars and Meal Plan Prices on myChoice!

Your F/S Dining Plan comes with great discounts!

You will receive a 10% discount on purchases at the following locations:

  • Corner Deli
  • Fountain Grill
  • Al Dente
  • SubConnection
  • Calypso
  • Tres Habaneros
  • Stocks & Stems
  • zime (Downtown Campus & Massry Center for Business)

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Munch Money is optional and does NOT come with a meal plan. Munch Money purchases are not subject to NYS sales tax. You can add Munch Money to purchase tax-free food/beverages at any campus dining location, 518 Market and vending machines. 

Please Note: Door rate price listed is before tax. Discount Dollar purchases are not taxable. Due to New York State tax codes, meal swipes and/or Discount Dollars that are part of a student meal plan (e.g., myUnlimited Plan, myFlex or myChoice, etc.) and Munch Money cannot be used for guests. You may use Podium, credit cards or cash to purchase guest meals.

Summer 2018 - Spring 2019 Meals
Door Ratew/ Discount Dollars

Continental Breakfast Cash Price
Breakfast Cash Price
Brunch / Lunch Cash Price
Dinner Cash Price   
Kosher Meal in Indian Quad

Patroon Room Soup & Salad / Salad To-Go

Patroon Room Buffet