Simple Servings

Simple ServingsIf you have food allergies, celiac or non-celiac gluten intolerance (or have friends that do), Simple Servings is for you! This innovative resident dining platform was developed to address the growing number of students who arriving on college campuses with special dietary needs. 

Simple Servings' plain and simple wellness-promoting foods also appeal to guests who are focused on ingredients and/or portion sizes for weight control, blood sugar control or other health reasons.

All foods served at Simple Servings are prepared exclusively with ingredients which do not contain the following food allergens:

    Milkhealth icons






    Tree Nuts


Simple Servings is available in all quad dining rooms at UAlbany. Please note that foods prepared at this station do not contain gluten.

Foods are prepared in a facility which uses these ingredients in the production of other dishes. Although we take measures to ensure against this, the possibility of cross contact does exist.