Nutritional Services

UAlbany Dining makes every effort to accommodate students with special dietary requirements. Dining room managers work with students and staff dietitians to provide the best dining options to meet personal needs. Students with special dietary requirements, seeking information on healthy eating, or interested in nutritional advice, should contact nutritional services for assistance.

Nutritional Counselor

Donna Duffy, RD
Phone: (518) 442-2731

Mobile: (518) 412-2490

Allergen-Free Resident Dining Platform

For students, staff and guests with special dietary needs, please visit Simple Servings, our allergen-free concept. At Simple Servings, foods are prepared exclusively with ingredients which do not contain 7 of the 8 major food allergens. Menu items at this concept are also gluten free. Simple Servings is available in all quad dining rooms on campus.

Food Allergy & Special Diet Accommodations

All students living in traditional quad housing are required to have a meal plan.  If you have a food allergy and/or special dietary needs, there are menu options and nutrition resources, such as an allergy-free station at each quad dining room, included in your meal plan.  Please follow the steps provided below to assure your dietary needs are effectively met while dining on campus.

Initial Steps:

  1. Obtain a signed dietary order from your licensed healthcare professional.
  2. Set up a meeting with UAlbany Dining's dietitian at or 518-442-2731.
  3. Bring the signed dietary order to meeting with dietitian.
  4. The dietitian will work with you to outline the best dietary plan for your needs.

    In the unlikely event that UAlbany Dining cannot meet your dietary needs:

Next Steps:

  1. Contact the University Health Center director (518 - 442-5229) or the University Counseling Center director (518-441-5800) and provide him/her with the dietitian's consultation notes.
  2. Upon review of your paperwork, the director may provide a letter that releases you from your residential housing agreement.
  3. Take this letter to the Department of Residential Life (located at State Quad U-Lounge).
  4. Complete the Department of Residential Life Release form

    For additional questions, call UAS Associate Executive Director at 518-442-7525.