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From December 30- February 6: Add/Change your Meal Plan here.

The myChoice Meal Plan offers University apartment and commuter --who are not required to have a meal plan--the opportunity to explore and experience the benefits, variety and convenience of dining on campus with an abridged version of the myFlex Meal Plan.  The myChoice plan has NO FIXED SWIPES at resident dining rooms! You can choose--100% of the time--where YOU want to dine; however, unlike the myFlex plan, the myChoice plan does not allow additional Discount Dollars to be added and only one myChoice Plan can be purchased per semester. 

The myChoice Meal Plan is a completely new kind of meal plan for the UAlbany campus!  It was designed in response to students' requests to have greater flexibility to eat at retail venues.   We also wanted to give students greater access to all the new and exciting Campus Center retail dining locations (opening Fall 2017).  The plan works as follows: 

The myChoiceMeal Plan has a base cost and a balance of Discount Dollars. This base cost covers utilities, maintenance, repairs, rent, and the labor needed to support the food service program.

The myChoice Meal Plan allows you to use your Discount Dollars like a declining balance account on your ID card.  Discount Dollars can be used at all retail and resident dining locations for meals and beverages.  Each time you use your ID card at a dining location,  your meal plan’s Discount Dollars will get activated and the venue-specific discount (60% discount at all resident dining rooms, a 50% discount at campus/Sodexo retail brands and 30% discount at local/national retail brands) will be automatically calculated and the balance will be debited for your purchase. Your Discount Dollars’ remaining balance will appear on the register display and your receipt. Remember also your meal plan is tax free, so you will also be saving an additional 8% on all discounted sale prices. Please note that other campus funds will not activate these discounts, i.e., Munch Money, Podium, Campus Gold, F/S Dining Plan. 

Choice Discount

For example:If you eat at Indian Quad Dining Room, you pay: $12.00* without Discount Dollars (plus tax) $4.80* with Discount Dollars (60% discount, no tax added)If you go to the Fountain Grill and order a burger, fries and 16oz beverage, you will pay: $9.47* without Discount Dollars (plus tax) $4.74* with Discount Dollars (50% discount, no tax added)

Note: Prices on the menu boards list the current retail prices. For students on meal plans, there is signage clearly indicating what discount is offered per venue (i.e., 60%, 50% or 30%). Applicable discounts are reflected at registers.

*Prices subject to change for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Meal plans are purchased per semester. The per semester pricing and details of the myChoice Meal Plan are as follows:

Choice Pricing

*This base cost covers utilities, maintenance, repairs, rent, and the labor needed to support the food service program. 

KOSHER: Students on a myChoice Meal Plan wishing to have a meal at the Kosher Kitchen at Indian Quad Dining Room simply swipe in at the checker station and request access, which will activate a 60% discount off the all-you-care-to-eat kosher door rate. Students with a myChoice Meal Plan do not purchase a separate Kosher Meal Plan like the myUnlimited Meal Plan students. myChoice students pay for kosher meals as desired.

  • Available to university apartment and commuter students of any class standing 
  • Only one myChoice Meal Plan can be purchased per semester 
  • Additional Discount Dollars cannot be purchased
  • University Apartment or commuter students can change to any other myChoice Meal Plan ( #1 or #2), myFlex Plan ( #1 - #5) or myUnlimted Meal Plan (option #1 or #2) starting June 1, 2017 thru September 11, 2017. 
  • Meal plans are purchased per semester. 
  • Discount Dollars activate discounts at all campus-wide retail dining venues (50% off Sodexo/in-house brands and 30% off local/regional/national brands) and resident dining rooms (60% off) 
  • 518 Market and vending do not provide a discount when using Discount Dollars (use Munch Money/Podium/Campus Gold/cash/credit) 
  • Discount Dollars carry over from fall semester to spring semester but expire at the end of spring semester 
  • Discount Dollars will carry over from fall to spring even if a spring meal plan is not purchased 
  • Tax free (additional 8% savings on discounted sales price).

Additional information:

  • Meal plans are activated when residence halls officially open for occupancy and end when they officially close. During times when the all-you-care-to-eat resident hall dining rooms are closed, but the resident halls are open, Discount Dollars and/or Munch Money can be used in retail locations. 
  • Non-freshmen students that have studied abroad, completed an internship or were off-campus for another approved reason during the previous semester and are now living in a resident hall, will automatically be assigned to the myFlex Meal Plan #2, but can change during the add/change period. 
  • If a resident hall student moves into a University apartment or off campus, his/her meal plan will be removed unless the student notifies the SUNYCard office requesting continuation of his/her meal plan. 
  • All meal plans (i.e., myUnlimited, myFlex and myChoice) and Munch Money are exempt from NYS sales tax, and therefore cannot be used to purchase guest meals, and cannot be refunded, changed or transferred after the add/drop period.

See the UAlbany Dining Meal Plan Refund/Change Policy at for more information.

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