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*Kosher Options: Though Kosher Kitchen will be closed Fall of 2020, kosher meals will be available for pick up in Campus Center. Please email to receive access to the pre-order form. Frozen kosher meals can also be purchased from 518 Market at the Campus Center (Note: meal plan students should use Munch Money, Podium or credit card for 518 Market items since there is no discount when using Discount Dollars).*

The kosher menu is located here.

Students on a myGreatDane Meal Plan can add a Kosher Meal Plan for $100 additional. Students can elect to either pay an additional $100 or deduct $100 in Discount Dollars. 

Students on a myFlex or myChoice plan do not purchase a separate Kosher Meal Plan like the myGreatDane Meal Plan students but must email to receive access to the pre-order form.

Students on a myFlex or myChoice Meal Plan wishing to have a kosher meal  simply swipe in at the Indian Quad checker station and state that they have pre-ordered a kosher meal. This will activate a 60% discount off the kosher door rate of $12.55 for breakfast and $16.50 for brunch, lunch or dinner.