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Catering Services
We are committed to making your event a success.  From morning breakfast service to black tie dinners, our goal is to provide you with a full range of quality and innovative catering services.  Our trained, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of catering services.  We will assist you with planning your event and offer creative menus, elegant presentations and thoughtful service to provide your guests with a pleasant experience.

Campus Food Policy 
We recognize and respect the role of food in the activities of campus departments and student groups. In an effort to ensure the safety and quality of the food provided at special events, meetings etc., the campus community must adhere to the guidelines and standards set forth in the UAlbany Campus Food Policy. Please review this document to find information on how to proceed with your food-related event.  Any food policy questions should be directed to

Please note that all food and beverages served on campus must be provided through UAlbany Dining with the limited exceptions indicated in the Campus Food Policy (See section I, III, V, VI, IX, and XIII) or if UAlbany Dining determines that it is unable to provide the requested food service -- which is extremely rare -- it may issue a waiver at its discretion (See Campus Food Policy section VIII for guidelines and Appendix A to review the waiver form).

Reserving UAlbany Dining Facilities
Meetings and private meals can be held at Dane's Den in Indian Quad and the State Room in State Quad. If you would like to reserve a room and/or make arrangements for guest meal tickets, please call 518-442-5985 or email us at

Tabling is only allowed on the mezzanine level of the dining rooms with prior permission from UAlbany Dining via the telephone number or email listed above.  

Are you a student organization looking for catering? Please contact our office so we can help you plan accordingly or see our Student Group Shoestring Catering Guide and Student Group Event Planning Form.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us:
UAlbany Catering (518) 442-5986 or by email.
Jennifer Disare - Catering Sales Manager
Helene Coye - Catering Director