Faculty, Staff and Outside Community

PLEASE NOTE: All catering requests for student groups, faculty and staff must be submitted 72 hours in advance of the event. 


UAlbany Catering is committed to making your event a success. From morning breakfast services to black tie dinners, our goal is to provide you with a full range of quality and innovative catering services. UAlbany Catering has trained, professional staff dedicated to providing your event within budget and offer creative menus, elegant presentations and thoughtful service to deliver your guests a pleasant experience.

But before you create a menu with us, there are steps that need to come first. Please follow the steps below to ensure your food-related event is managed according to campus guidelines and policies. 


STEP 1: Review the Campus Food Policy

UAS and UAlbany Dining recognize and respect the role of food in the activities of campus departments and student groups. In an effort to ensure the safety and quality of the food provided at special events, meetings etc., the campus community must adhere to the guidelines and standards set forth in the UAlbany Campus Food Policy. Any food policy questions should be directed to dining@albany.edu.

Please note that all food and beverages served on campus must be provided through UAlbany Dining/Catering with the limited exceptions indicated in the Campus Food Policy (See section I, III, V, VI, IX, and XIII) or if UAlbany Dining/Catering determines that it is unable to provide the requested food service -- which is extremely rare -- it may issue a waiver at its discretion (See Campus Food Policy section VIII for guidelines and Appendix A to review the waiver form).

Step 2: Reserve Space

In order to reserve space for your event at the Campus Center or in another campus buildings, you must use the University's Virtual EMS.

The Dane's Den at Indian Quad and the State Room at State Quad can only be reserved for student group and/or LLC events. If you are reserving space for a student organization, please call 518-442-5985 or email us at dining@albany.edu.  Virtual EMS is not required for dining room reservations.

Tabling is only allowed on the mezzanine levels of the dining rooms with prior permission from UAlbany Dining by calling 518-442-5985 or emailing dining@albany.edu. Virtual EMS is not required for mezzanine tabling at the dining rooms. However you must use Virtual EMS when tabling at the Campus Center or at other campus buildings (see the Campus Food Policy for more information).

Step 3: Create a Budget and Secure Funding Sources

Once you have reserved the location for your event on Virtual EMS and it has been approved, you need to create a budget and, if applicable, apply for any relevant campus funding, such as UAS Program Funds, UAS Supplemental Program Funds, UAS Beverage or Gift Card In-Kind Donations, or plan a way to raise funds. It's very important that you have realistic budget for your event in order to buy food/beverages that best suits the needs of your event. 

Step 4: Contact UAlbany Catering

Now that you have reviewed the Campus Food Policy, reserved your space and created a budget, you can now go online to UAlbany Catering's Catertrax to review options and order food/beverages for your event.

Still have questions? Call UAlbany Catering at 518-442-5986 or email catering@albany.edu.

Step 5: Other

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